Website Corrections policy.

We strive to maintain the accuracy and reliability of information presented on our website to ensure the best possible experience for our clients and visitors. However, we recognise that errors may occasionally occur. To address website errors promptly and transparently, we have established the following Corrections Policy.

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Website Corrections policy

Error Reporting.

We encourage visitors to report any errors encountered on our website promptly. This can be done by contacting our designated website error reporting team via email, contact form below or phone. Additionally, we may provide a dedicated error reporting form on our website for convenience.

Timely Response.

Upon receiving a report of a website error, our team will acknowledge the issue promptly and initiate an investigation. We aim to provide a comprehensive response within 48 hours, outlining the steps we will take to rectify the error.

Error Assessment.

Our website error assessment team will conduct a thorough analysis to identify the nature and extent of the error. This may involve reviewing the affected webpage, associated content, and any relevant backend data to understand the cause of the error.

Correction Plan Development.

Based on the findings of the error assessment, we will develop a correction plan detailing the steps required to rectify the error on the website. The plan will include responsibilities, timelines, and communication protocols to ensure swift and effective resolution.

Client Notification.

If the error affects clients or website users, we will notify them promptly of the situation and provide any necessary clarifications or corrections. Transparent communication is crucial to maintaining trust and credibility.

Correction Implementation.

The correction plan will be implemented diligently to rectify the error on the website. This may involve updating content, revising links, or fixing technical issues to ensure the accuracy and functionality of the affected webpage.

Retraction or Correction Publication.

If the error warrants a public retraction or correction, such as incorrect information regarding our services or policies, we will publish a clear and concise statement acknowledging the error and providing accurate information to rectify any misinformation or misunderstandings.

Monitoring and Follow-Up.

Following the implementation of corrective actions, we will monitor the website closely to ensure that the error has been fully rectified. Any related issues will be addressed promptly, and additional follow-up may be conducted to confirm resolution.

Documentation and Review.

All website errors and their corrections will be documented for internal review and continuous improvement purposes. This documentation helps identify trends, improve website maintenance processes, and prevent future errors.

Continuous Improvement.

We are committed to using each website error incident as an opportunity for learning and improvement. By analysing errors and implementing corrective actions, we strive to enhance the overall accuracy, reliability, and user experience of our website.

By adhering to this Corrections Policy, we demonstrate our commitment to accountability, transparency, and client satisfaction in maintaining the accuracy of our website content.

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