Help with legal Audits and Inspections.

While legal audits and inspections by regulators may seem daunting, we provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process. We assist in all interactions with the Law Society and SRA, ensuring compliance at every stage.

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Needing help in this changing regulatory environment?

Letter from the Law Society or SRA to notify you of an inspection

What we do.

Upon receipt of a notification letter from The Law Society or SRA regarding an inspection, promptly notify us to allocate adequate time for preparation. We are equipped to furnish regulators with all necessary reports before the inspection and offer support in addressing any inquiries raised during and after the inspection process.

For The Law Society of Scotland, Solicitors Regulation Authority and Accountants Reporting

Our approach to inspections.

For compliance with The Law Society of Scotland and The Solicitors Regulation Authority, we undertake the preparation of all necessary reports for your audits and inspections. These reports are promptly arranged for the respective governing body, facilitated by your designated legal cashier, ensuring thorough preparedness on your behalf.

Get a Helping Hand.During compliance audits or inspections.

Get a Helping Hand.

During audits or inspections, YourCashier will be readily available to offer assistance and address any inquiries that may arise. All essential records will be prepared for presentation to the financial compliance team upon their arrival, and your designated legal cashier will be on standby to provide support and answer any questions as needed.

Our experienced team can collaborate with your accountant to gather all necessary data and ensure the timely submission of your accounts.

Working with Accountants.

If you require assistance in sending information to your accountant for your year-end accounts, we offer both direct and indirect communication options. Our experienced team can collaborate with your accountant to gather all necessary data and ensure the timely submission of your accounts. Rest assured, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

John Walker

Kilpatrick & Walker Solicitors

“When reviewing our cashroom provision we selected YourCashier as the preferred option.

It has worked well and we have appreciated the dedication and continuing professionalism regarding the handover and
beyond, highlighted by the friendly service provided by the team”

What to expect.

We add value to your law firm by adding experienced legal cashiers to your team.

Feel free to download our company brochure to discover more about our services and our collaborative approach with law firms. We deploy a highly skilled team to manage your day-to-day accounting functions, ensuring compliance with solicitor’s accounts rules. Additionally, we offer management information and accounts, empowering you to concentrate on running your legal practice efficiently.

“Every UK law firm undergoes auditing by either The Law Society of Scotland Financial Compliance Team or The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) at least once every three years as part of a rolling program. Compliance inspections serve as a critical safeguard for both the public and the legal profession, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and maintaining trust in legal services.”

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