Legal Cashier Holiday or Absence Cover.

In need of temporary legal cashiering staff for holidays, absences, or workload spikes? Our outsourced cashroom services provide dedicated, qualified legal cashiers to seamlessly support your law firm on a short-term basis.

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Focus on your law firm and control costs.

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    What to expect.

    Good client service is at the forefront of our business.

    All our legal cashiers for Scotland are highly skilled, Solas Qualified, and very experienced with the Law Society of Scotland’s rules for compliance. We represent your legal practice just as if we worked for you by ensuring that properly written accounting records are kept so the true financial position of the practice unit can be established at any time.

    Colin Redpath

    Allingham & Co

    “Your Cashier are prompt at replying to queries, pleasant to work with and, from their knowledge, bring a helpful, differing, perspective on how to do things.
    They have condensed, modernised and made more efficient our cashroom function.
    I would recommend to others.”

    What to expect.

    We enhance the value of your law firm by integrating our experienced legal cashiers into your team.

    Feel at liberty to download our company brochure to explore further our services and our partnerships with law firms. Additionally, we provide a highly skilled team to handle your day-to-day accounting tasks and guarantee compliance with accounts rules. Furthermore, we prioritize adherence to solicitor’s accounts rules and further provide you with management information and accounts. This empowers you to focus on your core business activities with assurance.

    The Law Society of Scotland.

    For further insight into the requirements set by The Law Society of Scotland, you can peruse the regulations available on their website. Conversely, entrust our seasoned outsourced Legal Cashiers to assist in guaranteeing your Law Firm’s adherence to the Solicitors Accounts Rules.

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