Outsourced Legal Cashiering for Solicitors.

Outsourced legal cashiering services for UK law firms. Beyond serving as your outsourced cashroom, we also assist with management accounts & reports, payroll services, credit control, purchase ledger, audits, and inspections.

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Save time, money & ensure compliance.

Instantly add a fully qualified team to help run your day-to-day accounts functions.

Professional and experienced legal cashiers.

We provide expert outsourced legal cashiering & accounting services for both law firms and sole practitioners in the UK. Our experience with the Solicitors Accounts Rules and Law Society Accounting Rules means we have an in-depth knowledge of the processes and procedures necessary for your legal practice. Our experienced legal cashiers will guide you through the management and full compliance of your legal accounts.

Your Cashier is a fully insured, regulated and SRA/Law Society compliant outsourced legal cashiering specialist.

Fully Insured & Regulated.

YourCashier serves as a fully insured, regulated, and SRA/Law Society compliant outsourced legal cashiering specialist. Committed to delivering innovative and customised outsourced cashroom solutions, our primary objective is to support your law firm by efficiently managing day-to-day accounting functions.

We bring a team of highly skilled and experienced legal cashiers to your legal practice.

Add a Safe Pair of Hands.

We instantly provide a team of highly skilled and experienced legal cashiers to your legal practice. Whether it’s to complement your existing team, support you during transitions, or assist in launching a new law firm, we’ve got you covered. By taking care of compliance, we enable you to direct your attention towards the growth of your law firm.

Legal Cashiering Scotland

Equipped with SOLAS qualified legal cashiers, our Scottish legal cashroom and accounting services are primed to meet your needs. Importantly, we prioritize the safeguarding of your business by ensuring full compliance with the Law Society of Scotland’s Accounting Rules.

Legal Cashiering England

With a team of experienced and ILFM qualified cashiers who possess a comprehensive understanding of England & Wales accounting requirements, we guarantee full compliance with SRA standards. Moreover, we offer dedicated support for COLP and COFA.

Payroll for Law Firms

Fully managed payroll service, including statutory payments, loans, pensions, and any other payments and deductions. We prepare and distribute payslips, and set up online payments thus ensuring your employees get paid correctly and on time.

Credit Control

Outsourcing credit control enables you to prioritise operations and revenue generation, while our expert team enhances your cash flow. Effective credit control is crucial for law firm success, reducing payment delays and maintaining positive cash flow.

Purchase Ledger

We aid law firms by managing their purchase ledger, providing regular creditor reports, and executing supplier payment runs. This ensures adherence to payment terms and enhances VAT efficiency, crucial for maintaining clear visibility into outstanding obligations to suppliers.

Audit and Inspections

We boast a specialised team well-versed in the needs of legal firms. With detailed expertise in compliance with Solicitors Accounts Rules & Regulations, we provide all required reports to regulators before inspections and assist with preparation for upcoming visits.

Full compliance with the Solicitors Accounts Rules and Law Society Accounting Rules.

Why choose us for outsourced legal cashiering?

At YourCashier, our team of professional and experienced legal cashiers collaborates closely with you to manage your law firm’s accounting services. With extensive legal cashiering experience, we provide comprehensive support. We maintain up-to-date books and records, handle supplier payments, bank transactions, and reconciliations daily, and perform day and month-end routines. Additionally, we manage VAT returns, prepare management accounts, process employee payments, and ensure full compliance with the Solicitors Accounts Rules and Law Society Accounting Rules.

Excellent Outsourced Cashroom Track Record

Excellent Track Record.

We are experts in legal cashiering, we boast a proven track record of success. Leveraging our extensive experience in offering strategic legal accounting advice, we are the ideal choice for managing your outsourced legal cashiering needs.

Reduce Overheads By Outsourcing Your Cashroom

Reduced Overheads.

YourCashier offers the advantage of saving on overhead costs, including office space, and eliminates concerns about holiday, maternity, or sickness cover. Ultimately, your primary focus should be on business growth rather than the escalation of expenses.

Adding Value By Adding Our Qualified Expert Legal Cashiers To Your Law Firm

Adding Value.

We seamlessly integrate into your law firm, working closely with you, just as if we were sitting beside you in the office. This arrangement allows you to concentrate on growing your law firm while we provide added value through our expert legal cashiers, all without incurring overhead costs.

Remote Working Outsourced Cashroom Services

Remote Working.

Effortlessly integrate us into your team’s workflow. Our cashiers log onto your practice management system remotely, efficiently managing your legal accounts. This alleviates pressure on your law firm, enabling you to concentrate on the management and growth of your legal practice.

Our straightforward approach to outsourced legal cashiering!

Outsourced Cashroom Services With Manageable fees

Manageable fees.

We understand the importance of certainty of cost. We offer fixed fee or capped fee quotes for our outsourced legal cashiering services; therefore, you can forecast cash flow for your legal practice without any surprises.

Tailored solutions To Achieve a Successful Outsourced Cashroom

Tailored solutions.

We will not tie you up in complex explanations of services consultancy. However, we will listen to your concerns and work with you to achieve a successful outsourced cashroom that remains fully compliant with the solicitors’ rules.

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What to expect.

We only recruit & train the very best experienced legal cashiers.

We have a strong team of experienced legal cashiers boasting more than 20 years of experience. All our legal cashiers are fully qualified and most have worked directly for law firms. They have all had in-depth experience with the Law Society of Scotland, the Law Society of England and Wales, and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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Ken Steele

Campbell Smith LLP

“YourCashier has been a great solution for our firm. We no longer have to worry about our Cashroom function or panic about holiday cover or illnesses. Instead, we have a dedicated cashier working remotely who is part of a larger group which means that someone else can step in at short notice.”
“In the years we have used them they have always been available. They often go the extra mile and we know we are in safe hands with a team that understands the accounts rules. We have a better and cheaper Cashroom than we did when we had an in-house team and we look forward to a continuing relationship with YourCashier.”

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