Outsourcing and Co-sourcing: A Solution for Effective Succession Legal Cashier Planning.

The Solution for Effective Legal Cashier Succession Planning

Outsourcing and co-sourcing legal cashiering services can provide a practical solution for law firms to address the challenges of replacing retiring or departing legal cashiers and support effective succession planning. This approach provides access to a team of fully qualified legal cashier professionals, allowing firms to scale their financial management needs and mitigate risks. Co-sourcing can also help develop a long-term succession plan, identifying and nurturing internal talent to eventually assume the role of the legal cashier.

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We are looking for Legal Cashiers

Are you confident, organised, have strong communication skills and have the ability to cope under pressure with a high volume of transactions. We are looking for qualified cashiers or cashiers with the desire to work towards a SOLAS qualification. Join the most exciting team in the industry!

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Red Flags For Law Firms and Solicitors

Law firms and solicitors are at risk of being targeted by money launderers due to their position of trust. This post outlines the red flags that law firms should be aware of when identifying suspicious activity indicative of money laundering, including client-related red flags, trusts, trustees, and beneficiaries red flags, transactional red flags, and property red flags. Law firms can play a critical role in preventing their services from being used for money laundering purposes by asking the question “does this make sense given what I know about the client?” and reporting any suspicious activity to the National Crime Agency.

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10 ideas to prepare your Law Firm for further growth in 2023.

The article offers ten easy-to-implement ideas to prepare a law firm for growth in 2023. These include creating realistic processes, outsourcing tasks, refreshing the business and marketing plans, networking, identifying customer service issues, automating tasks, prioritising company culture, updating the website, and investing in the latest technology.

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Outsourced Cashroom Service continues to go from strength to strength.

There is no better time to reflect on how we’ve grown over the past year so we are taking this opportunity to review our advertising campaign published in the Law Society Journal throughout 2022. We will be taking a break over Christmas and New Year to relax and recharge our batteries so we can return in 2023 with just as much energy and creativity.

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The Hidden Costs Within The Cashroom? (Updated July 2022)

There are lots of reasons that a law firm may look to Outsource its Legal Cashiering. There is no single rule, every law firm is different. In this article, we highlight the key reasons and also provide a calculator (using verifiable UK average statistics) so you can work out the cost savings specific to your legal practice.

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