Add our highly skilled outsourced legal cashiers to your team and add value to your law firm.

Our purpose is to add value to your law firm by seamlessly integrating highly skilled outsourced legal cashiers into your team. Additionally, we ensure peace of mind by adhering fully to the Solicitors Accounts Rules and Law Society Accounting Rules, while also reducing associated overhead costs.

Expand or supplement your cashroom now.

Introducing our ensemble of legal cashiers.

Our purpose is to add value to your law firm by seamlessly integrating highly skilled outsourced legal cashiers into your team. Additionally, we ensure peace of mind by adhering fully to the Solicitors Accounts Rules and Law Society Accounting Rules, while also reducing associated overhead costs.
Finding a good legal cashier is a full-time job.

Employment and management of legal cashiers can be time-consuming and expensive.

Choosing the right outsourced legal cashiering service is essential for your legal practice. Whether considering full-time or part-time solutions, hiring a cashier entails added salary and resource expenses, alongside factors like office space and employment regulations. Despite these complexities, legal cashiers are integral to every law firm. Our outsourced legal cashiering service is designed to meet your cashroom requirements while providing peace of mind and relieving the typical burdens associated with day-to-day operations.

Outsourced Cashroom Solutions Established in 2015

Established in 2015.

As a fully insured, regulated, and compliant outsourced legal cashiering specialist, YourCashier is dedicated to providing tailored cashroom solutions for your legal practice. Our services cover a wide range of tasks, from postings and account reconciliations to payment setups, payroll management, and meticulous production of management accounts. With our efficient, compliant, and secure service, you can trust us to handle your day-to-day financial management seamlessly.

Customised and Cost-effective Outsourced Cashroom Solutions

We are agile.

Incorporating an agile approach, we provide a personalised and cost effective solution designed to meet your unique requirements. Our flexibility and adaptability guarantee close collaboration to identify the ideal outsourced legal cashiering strategy for your legal practice. Moreover, we offer invaluable insights to streamline day-to-day operations and optimise cash flow, ensuring peace of mind and efficient management of your legal accounts.

Outsourced Cashroom Reducing Your Overheads

Reducing your overheads.

At YourCashier, we offer a complete outsourced legal cashiering solution that seamlessly integrates with your legal practice’s existing cashroom staff. We provide reliable holiday and sickness cover, assigning two qualified cashiers to ensure uninterrupted service during absences. Our friendly and approachable cashiers quickly become familiar faces, seamlessly blending into your day-to-day operations

Outsourced Cashroom Services That Are Part Of Your Own Team

Part of your team.

Our goal is to build strong relationships and deliver a professional solution for your legal practice. Your designated team consists of two experienced outsourced legal cashiers who work remotely, communicating through highly secure secure channels to promptly act on your instructions.

Efficient, effective, and expert services tailored for your success.

Say hello to outsourced legal cashiering services that work the way you do.

Welcome to YourCashier, where we understand the importance of providing cost-effective solutions for your legal practice. With our expertise in managing legal accounts and conducting bank reconciliations, we alleviate the day-to-day financial burdens faced by law firms. Outsourcing your legal cashiering needs to us ensures peace of mind, knowing that your financial operations are in capable hands. Whether you’re a small or large legal practice, we tailor our services to fit your unique requirements, allowing you to focus on growing your firm while we handle the financial intricacies.

Continue using the software you’re familiar with.

We seamlessly integrate with your practice management system.

All our legal cashiers are proficient in leading practice and case management systems. Additionally, if your firm lacks a practice management system, we can provide an accounts system, initialise starting balances, and promptly update your bank reconciliations.

Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Cashiering Services.

Cost Reduction Solutions.
Time-Saving Measures.
Hassle-Free Holiday and Sick Day Coverage.
Elimination of Employers ER’s, NI’s, and Pension Expenses
Guaranteed Confidentiality
Monthly Health Checkups for Added Assurance.
Established Work-from-Home Business with 8 Years of Experience.
Streamlined Procedures for Efficiency.
Approachable and Friendly Staff.
SOLAS Qualified, SRA and Law Society compliant.
Focus on Relationship Building.
Comprehensive Management Accounting Services.
Outstanding customer service and excellent reputation.
Professional Solutions Tailored to Your Needs.
Flexible Payment Options: Fixed Monthly Rates or Pay-As-You-Go Packages.

Lynne Outterson

Head of Cashroom Services, YourCashier

“We have been in business now for six years – starting with the trading name of My Cashier. I have 30 years of cashiering experience and have worked for various law firms in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Stirling. I also worked as a freelance Cashier and more recently gained further cashroom experience with an established practice management system supplier. We have trebled in size over the past 12 months, delivering a full range of cashiering services to law firms, and are continuing to grow. This year sees us embarking on an exciting journey to complement LawWare and offer a cashiering service to clients UK wide.”

“We are a very client-focused business and our number one aim is to form strong one-to-one relationships with our clients and offer the best cost-effective solutions we can.”

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