Credit Control for Law Firms.

Good credit control for law firms is pivotal in maintaining healthy cash flow. Many clients may not pay until they are reminded, but chasing outstanding debts is a time consuming process which eats away at the fee earning hours your law firm could spend more productively.

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Improve your bad debts and cash flow.

Credit control processes and procedures need to be more efficient than ever.

The benefits of credit control for law firms.

Credit control has always been a burden for solicitors and now the Covid-19 pandemic has brought further unprecedented challenges for solicitors. So, it is important for law firms to take the necessary action to ensure their credit control processes and procedures are as efficient as possible to ensure timely payment from customers, many of whom may be severely impacted by the pandemic. We can alleviate that pressure and reduce your outstanding bills whilst maintaining your brand and client relationships.

Improved Cashflow

Without a healthy cash flow and without knowing when payments are due, your legal practice cannot operate effectively. Limited cash flow also limits the amount of cash available to place further orders with suppliers. Your Cashier aims to ensure your money is collected in accordance with your credit length terms.

Cost savings

Hiring a credit controller can be costly. With Your Cashier acting for you, it’s like having your own credit controller in-house, without the office space being taken up or a full salary to pay. Depending on how many customers and invoices you send per month, you may only require a few hours per week to keep your cash flow on track.

Less stress

 Your Cashier has the experience to take the strain out of collecting your money, this in turn will reduce your stress levels and enable you to concentrate on generating more business and let you do the job you are qualified to do.

Maintaining client relationships

All our cashiers are highly trained in the nuances of legal etiquette and represent your practice as if we work for you. Good client service is at the forefront of our business. We base a credit control strategy around our clients’ values & objectives.

What to expect.

Credit Control Procedures.

We have a strong team who have had experience in the legal cashier environment for over 20 years. Your Cashier will formalise monthly procedures, which proactively reminds your clients to pay on time. These Procedures can include letter templates set up in accordance with your credit terms, telephone calls & email alerts. Call us to find out more.

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