Credit Control for Law Firms.

Effective credit control for law firms is crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow. Many clients may not pay until reminded, but chasing outstanding debts is a time-consuming process that eats away at the fee-earning hours your law firm could spend more productively.

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Improve your bad debts and cash flow.

Credit Control for Law Firms Effective credit control for law firms is crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow. Many clients may not pay until reminded, but chasing outstanding debts is a time-consuming process that eats away at the fee-earning hours your law firm could spend more productively.
Credit control processes and procedures need to be more efficient than ever.

The benefits of outsourced credit control for law firms.

In light of the enduring challenges credit control presents to law firms, recent economic adversities have further compounded the issue. Consequently, it is imperative for law firms to refine their credit control processes to guarantee prompt payments, particularly from clients experiencing financial difficulties. We stand ready to mitigate this strain by reducing outstanding fees, all the while preserving the integrity of your brand and fostering strong client relationships.

Outsourced Credit Control Provides Improved Cashflow For Law Firms.

Improved healthy cashflow.

Without a healthy cash flow and clear visibility on payment timelines, your law firm may struggle to operate effectively. A restricted cash flow also hampers your ability to place orders with suppliers. At YourCashier, we prioritise ensuring that your receivables are collected in line with your credit terms, thereby optimising your cash flow management.

Outsourced Credit Control For Law Firms Means Huge Cost Savings.

Huge cost savings.

While hiring a credit controller can entail significant costs, with YourCashier managing your credit control, it’s just like having an in-house credit controller, minus the office space and full salary commitment. Depending on your volume of customers and invoices, you may only require a few hours per week to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Outsourced Credit Control Means Less Stress For Your Law Firm.

Less stress for your law firm.

Leveraging our expertise, YourCashier adeptly manages the task of collecting your money, significantly reducing your stress levels. Consequently, you can direct your focus towards generating more business and executing tasks aligned with your qualifications.

Outsourced Credit Control Means Better Maintained Client Relationships.

Better client relationships.

All our legal cashiers undergo extensive training in the nuances of legal etiquette and represent your practice as if they were part of your team. Client service excellence is paramount to our business philosophy. Moreover, we tailor our credit control strategy to align with your values and objectives, ensuring seamless integration with your firm’s ethos.

What to expect.

Credit Control for law firms.

With many years of collective experience in the legal cashier environment, our team at YourCashier is well-equipped to handle your financial needs. We implement monthly credit control procedures to proactively remind your clients to pay on time, including letter templates tailored to your credit terms, telephone calls, and email alerts. Contact us today to learn more about our credit control services for law firms.

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Helen Strachan

Burnett & Reid LLP

“When one of our cashiers left the firm in 2015, we made the decision that it might be the time to change the way we work and outsource part of our Cashroom function. We thought it would be a more efficient approach and it would take away some of the stress from our own management of ensuring we had Cashroom staff in the office each day. No need to worry about holiday cover or sickness cover anymore and ensuring that the transactions on our client ledgers are posted on a daily basis. We approached a couple of companies that offer this service and in the end decided to go with Your Cashier.”

“Over the last six years, we have had a consistent point of contact that feels like they are our own cashier. We easily set up a process with them that works for us and them and” the postings are done on a daily basis, with the client bank account being reconciled daily. They also assist us with setting up bank payments.”
“We have been very happy with the service that has been provided and I would certainly recommend giving Lynne a call if you are considering outsourcing your Cashroom function.”

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