Frequently Asked Questions.

Have a question about outsourcing your accounting or legal cashiering? Rest assured, you’re not alone! Discover how we’ve addressed the most frequently asked questions about outsourcing your cashroom, and feel free to reach out to us for further information.

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How does it work?
When can you start?

How does YourCashier work?

When you engage with Your Cashier, you’ll be assigned a dedicated team comprising two seasoned legal cashiers who work remotely. They maintain constant communication with you through predefined channels, ensuring they promptly act on your instructions in real-time.
Our professionals handle a range of tasks including day to day transactional postings, reconciling accounts, setting up payments, running your Payroll, and producing detailed Management Accounts. This comprehensive service is designed to be efficient, compliant, and secure.
While the idea of outsourcing your cashroom may seem daunting, our teams are committed to fostering strong working relationships with clients. This approach ensures that they seamlessly integrate into your firm, becoming an integral part of your operations.
Our services offer the flexibility to provide a fully outsourced cashroom function or to support your existing in-house team, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Are you approved by the regulatory bodies?

We are a Law Society of Scotland approved supplier, you can find out more on the Law Society of Scotland website.

Which legal software can you work with?

LawWare practice management software is a natural choice for us, given that LawWare is our sister company. However, we also cater to clients who utilise a variety of other software options, including Advanced Legal, Insight Legal Software, ALB Practice & Case Management Software, Perilaw, Lawpro Legal Systems, Clio cloud-based legal practice management solution, Leap Practice management and accounting software, SOS Connect, as well as Xero and Sage Accounting Software.
Should your firm use different software not listed here, we encourage you to reach out to us. We may be able to accommodate your needs by integrating a new system into our services.

How do you access our systems?

We employ a range of methods to access your systems. Initially, we collaborate with your IT team to identify the optimal solution.
This may involve utilising RDP, VPN, or remote software solutions.

Where are our reports stored?

We uphold stringent data security measures and comply with GDPR regulations. None of your reports are stored on our systems.
Instead, they are centrally stored on your network drive or cloud platform, ensuring ease of access and enabling seamless backup procedures.
To facilitate efficient access, we organise your reports into daily, monthly, and quarterly folders, each endowed with the appropriate permissions tailored to your firm’s requirements.

How much do your services cost?

We offer the opportunity to receive a no-obligation quote, which is determined by the volume of postings generated and any additional services requested.

Can you work with an existing legal cashier?

Certainly, we can collaborate with your existing legal cashier.
This arrangement often proves highly effective, as it allows us to seamlessly cover periods of holidays or sickness.
Whether you require full coverage without existing staff or prefer ad hoc services to complement your current team, we can accommodate your needs.

Will I know who is processing our work?

You will be assigned two cashiers, providing flexibility to cover holidays or sickness seamlessly.
Building relationships is key to our success.
All our cashiers are personable and accessible, allowing you to develop a rapport with them as if they were physically present in your office.

Will you adapt to our workflow?

Absolutely, we are fully committed to adapting to your preferred methods of operation.
While embracing change can be challenging, we thrive on collaborating closely with you to identify optimal solutions.
Our goal is to effectively streamline processes and ensure seamless integration with your workflow.

When can you start?

We are ready to initiate our services promptly upon your request.
Typically, it takes approximately two weeks to obtain bank access.
However, if someone within your practice can facilitate payment setup and furnish us with bank information, we can expedite the commencement of our assistance immediately.

How long does it take to settle in?

The settling-in process typically spans 2-3 weeks, affording staff sufficient time to adapt to the new system.
Subsequently, alignment is achieved, and processes are fully established, fostering a cohesive operation.

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