Frequently Asked Questions.

Got a question about outsourcing your accounting or legal cashiering? You’re not the only one! See how we’ve answered the most common questions about outsourcing your cashroom, call us if you need any more information.

Call us if you have any further questions.

How does it work? When can you start?

How does Your Cashier work?

You would have your own designated team consisting of 2 experienced legal cashiers who operate remotely. They communicate with you by predefined channels ensuring they act on your instructions in real-time.
They will make postings, reconcile accounts, set up payments, run your Payroll or produce detailed Management Accounts for you as part of an efficient, compliant and secure service. Outsourcing your cashroom can seem daunting but our teams are encouraged to develop strong working relationships with clients so that they very much feel like part of your firm. Our services can provide you with a completely outsourced cashroom function or support your existing in-house team.

Are you approved by the regulatory bodies?

We are a Law Society of Scotland approved supplier, you can find out more on the Law Society of Scotland website.

Which legal software can you work with?

LawWare practice management software is an obvious one since LawWare is our sister company. However, we also work for clients who use: Perilaw, Lawpro, Clio, Leap, SOS, Xero & Sage. If you use different software to these, please contact us and we may be able to meet your needs by taking on a new system.

How do you access our systems?

We use various methods to access your systems. Initially we will work with your IT team to find the best solution. This can be done using RDP, VPN or remote software.

Where are our reports stored?

We do not save any reports on our systems. Your reports are stored centrally on your network drive that can be backed up and accessed easily. Daily, Monthly & Quarterly folders are created with relevant permissions to enable your firm easy access.

How much do your services cost?

We can provide you with a no-obligation quote which is based on the number of postings that are generated and any other additional services that are required.

Can you work with an existing Cashroom employee?

Yes, we can and often find this works extremely well as we can then also be used to cover holidays & sickness. We can provide full cover with no existing staff or provide ad hoc services to help existing staff.

Will I know who is processing our work?

You are allocated two cashiers. This is so we can easily cover holidays/sickness. Building relationships is key to our success. Our cashiers are friendly and approachable and you will get to know them as if they were working in the office.

Will you adapt to how we work?

Yes absolutely. Change can sometimes be very daunting. We work together to find the best fit and hopefully, this can lead to streamlining processes.

When can you start?

We can start as soon as you need us. It usually takes around two weeks to allow for bank access but as long as someone within the practice can set up payments and send us the information from the bank, we can start straight away.

How long does it take to settle in?

The process can usually take 2-3 weeks. Changing a system takes time for staff to adjust. Usually, after this time everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet and the processes are all in place.

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