Ensure Business Continuity throughout the holiday season.

There are some things you should never forget when you go on holiday!

With our holiday cover service, your cashroom is always open for business.

As we are all aware, law firms are massively impacted by staff absences, especially during the various holiday seasons. Not only does it affect business continuity and cause problems with staff cover, but it can also affect a law firm’s ability to deliver its services at the expected standard.

This is because law firms have compliance-centric accounting timescales to meet including daily bank reconciliations, transfers between accounts, regulatory reporting requirements and VAT return submissions.

Delays to these procedures impact compliance, as well as cash flow.

By taking advantage of our outsourced cashiering holiday cover service, compliance deadlines will be met and your financial records will be kept fully up to date. We work with your cashier pre-holiday to ensure all your law firm’s processes and procedures are adhered to. And when your cashier returns from holiday, we seamlessly hand over with no backlog.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“We have been using the services of Your Cashier for holiday cover for around a year now. They have also stepped in at short notice to cover staff illness absence. Given that they are offsite, the transition is seamless and all of the staff we have dealt with have been very helpful. They are very professional and happy to assist to deal with any issues which may arise. They ensure that our postings are up to date and client account reconciled which means a much smoother return from holiday for our cashier”  
Fiona Macdonald, Partner, AC White Solicitors.

Add outsourced cashroom services to your Business Continuity Plan. 

Now is a good time to consider the benefits of adding outsourced cashroom services to your Business Continuity Plan. We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our holiday cover service and how we have already helped law firms like yours.

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